Fashion Is Temporary, Style is Permanent!

Fashion Is Temporary, Style is Permanent!

Having launched my new “Dress To Impress” workshops this week I thought it appropriate to concentrate on style this month!

​We all have our own individual sense of style, some of us more creative than others who feel much happier sticking to what we’ve always done (I say this with a voice of experience as trying new things is a real challenge for me)! Knowing what your style personality is, along with how that translates to the choices you make whilst shopping, is crucial as there will be times when every one of us needs to override our style personality! For example a silk neck tie brings with it a sense of romantic, creative and even dramatic flair, however if you’ve got a short neck and bigger bust, despite “loving how it looks”, it’s better in this instance to step away from the neck tie that will simply make your neck look shorter and rounder and your bust look bigger!

​Time and time again my clients will focus on being a certain dress size. It simply does not matter what dress size you are as long as you’re dressing your body shape accurately and in the right fabric. In doing so you can instantly make yourself look slimmer, fitter and healthier. Once you know your rules on how to dress for your individual body shape, height, scale and proportions you will stop focusing on the size of the garment and will instantly feel more confident in the way you look.

​It’s not just the clothes that we put on our body it’s also the accessories that we wear and carry! Knowing what size, shape, colour and style suits you is crucial to adding the finishing pieces to your overall look. Be warned ladies, the oversized handbag is making an appearance in the A/W 2016 collections. If you’re below 5ft 3″ in height or have a foot size smaller than a 4 I would approach with caution! For all of my clients who are 5ft 7″ and over then next season is your time to stock up on handbags (I know I will be)!

​Remember ladies….. The art of looking good and more importantly feeling good is not labelling your body shape or size, but learning how to make the most of your assets whilst disguising the areas of our bodies that we find the least appealing!

Look Good, Feel Great, Be Confident!