To Scarf or not to Scarf

To Scarf or not to Scarf

Scarfs are a fantastically versatile accessory that can be tweaked to flatter most people. Having said that not all clients will accept scarf wearing as part of their daily ritual as this has more to do with style personality than the actual scarf itself.

The colour of said scarf is clearly important as this is the colour that will draw all attention up to our face. Because of this you have to be sure that its not drawing unwanted attention to that spare chin or dark shadows that already might be lurking as it will only work to enhance these if its the wrong colour! I always opt for one of my “wow” colours for scarfs, I have around 20 in my collection and team them up with most outfits, especially when I’m making a bit of an effort (admittedly not very often these days but I’m hoping this will improve as the kids get older).  If you don’t know what your “wow” colours are but would like to find out more then why not research “colour analysis” on my website at 

The second thing to consider when choosing a scarf is the bulk factor. Generally speaking, the longer the neck, the bulkier you can go. However, there is a word of warning here, if you have an extremely long giraffe neck like mine, coupled with big boobs then tone down on the bulk just a smidge, otherwise you’ll be using the scarf as a makeshift table top because of those bresticles! With a long neck you also have the luxury of being able to double up on scarfs which is what I often do when using our raw silk range as the colour blends that you can achieve are simply stunning.

The third thing to consider is how to tie said scarf and where to house the knot/tie. For those of you with shorter neck proportions you can create the ultimate optical illusion of a longer neck, simply  by fastening your knot lower down your breast bone.

Finally, you need to consider patterns and prints. The classic in me will often opt for block colours in scarfs whilst rarely venturing in to the world of patterns. That said, patterns are hugely popular. The size of the print is crucial. If, like me you are carrying around a rather large skeleton, then avoid delicate petite patterns or prints. Conversely if you are petite then go small with the patterns you choose. Interestingly, your body shape can factor in to the choice of patterns too. If you’re lucky enough to have lots of curves then think spots, swirls or animal print designs. If however you are more straight and angular then head for geometric patterns or stripes instead.

There’s such an array of colourful scarfs out there at very affordable prices so what are you waiting for?