Are you all about the drama?

Are you all about the drama?

The second installment in my style personality series looks at the Dramatics amongst us. Before we get too engrossed though, lets take a moment to remind ourselves what your style personality influences. It is that subconscious decision maker within each and every one of us that pulls us like a magnet to those new shoes, that new hairstyle or even that new car.

For our Dramatics, the “wow” factor is crucial. You will always make an entrance no matter the occasion and love nothing more than being noticed whilst being the centre of attention. Shopping is one of your favourite pastimes. Your wardrobe is brimming with clothes and accessories that make a statement, it consists of many different styles that you have bought on impulse without a thought as to whether you have anything to co-ordinate them with.

You spend time researching on the internet and within fashion magazines for shopping ideas and trends. You are not remotely concerned with clothing practicality, whether that be comfort or if they can be tumble dried, this simply does not enter in to your mind. Regardless of your colouring you like bold and strong colour choices, often changing your hair colour and style to create new statement making looks.Your home is full of the latest hi-tech gadgets and you are drawn to fast cars that also make a statement. Perhaps you like to take the odd risk too!

My one word of wisdom for all you Dramatics out there is to be mindful that not all the latest fashion trends will suit your body shape so just because it looks good on the front cover of Vogue that will not necessarily translate to looking good on you.

Celebrity examples would include, David Beckham, Katy Perry, Robbie Williams or Chaka Khan.