Made To Measure

Made To Measure

Hitting 40 this year was a big milestone for me and having never owned anything bespoke, I didn’t realise what I had been missing. My husband Dave, knowing me better than I know myself after 19 years together had hatched a plan to get me my very own hand designed and hand crafted onesie. This was particularly meaningful to me as I spend vast quantities of time in my pyjama’s and often have to settle for men’s as the leg length is rarely adequate. After a little research, Dave booked me in with the fabulous All-In-One Company to enjoy a day creating my very own bespoke onesie, and what a day it was!

Kate Dawson, the founder of The All-In-One Company was there to greet us both on the morning of my onesie making experience. Kate started the company 14 years ago whilst solving the problem that many of us parents suffer from, sleep deprivation! She needed something for her then, 3 year old daughter to keep her warm and secure. What Kate was looking for, was not available on the high street at that time, a onesie, but not just any onesie, a garment instead where the size, features, fabric, design and colour was totally unique and personal to you.

The day started with me getting to know all the fabric options so that Kate could sign post me to the designs and colours that were available in the fabrics I preferred. This then led to my most favourite part of the entire day, which was focused all around colour. With so much choice, it was very handy using my personalised Colour Me Beautiful palette to decide upon my best shades, as even in sleepwear we want to look our very best right?

Then came the design element, which was just as fascinating. I got to design every detail from the cuff length, colour and thumb hole option, to the hood style, to pockets and then to the zip and thread options. Here using a 3-D computer programme, the onesie really started to take shape. Next was the measuring to ensure that the patterns used for cutting out the fabric were all the right size, this meant that I could have a girls onesie (for anyone not overly tall, I can’t tell you how refreshing this is when I spent all of my informative and impressionable years in men’s footwear and clothing). The women working in the company are all part of The Guild of Master Craftsmen and have worked in the industry for all of their working lives. Their skill, expertise, professionalism and knowledge was very humbling to observe. At The All-In-One Company, they are committed to keeping these skills alive thereby creating apprenticeships so that the knowledge and expertise can be passed down to the next generation.

Once the onesie hit the sewing room, I was astonished at the pace these ladies created my design! Working on state of the art machines, each person had a specific role to carry out and it was amazing to see it all come together. Trying on my creation for the very first time was so exciting and exhilarating and for once in my life, everything was where it was meant to be!

Not only does this company offer a fantastic personalised service to each and everyone of its customers, Kate is also heavily involved in the community whilst supporting many ventures. All of the onesies that have been used for the photoshoots are donated to baby banks and refuse centres with an aim of bringing warmth, fun and happiness to everyone who wears one. The end of roll fleeces are made in to random sized blankets that are given out to charities such as “Making Winter Warmer for those Without”. Their offcuts are donated to charities, schools and collages for fund raising activities. Kate also offers a TLC service whereby the onesie’s can be fixed if slightly worn to avoid unnecessary waste and not to add to landfill.

Finally, The All-In-One Company is linked with The National Autistic Society whereby 5% of every sensory onesie sale gets donated to them. After lots of research with families who are affected by the sensory symptoms of Autism, the company now produce sensory onesie’s tailored to the exact needs of the individual with special care taken around the inside seams not being detectable by touch and even the omission of care labels which can cause irritation to a sensory wearer.

All in all, I had the most wonderful experience and would highly recommend Kate and her fabulous company if onesies are your thing! The homemade brownies were an extra bonus too, whilst we waited for the onesie to be quality checked! In the words of Arnie, “I will be back!”