Know your Style Personality

Know your Style Personality

I love meeting people for the very first time and trying to guess their own individual style personality. It’s a science in itself you see, and everyone has their own unique sense of style which is that subconscious pull that you get when you walk in to a shop, go looking for a new car, choose a partner, a handbag or even a holiday. Its your very first buying decision and comes before any consideration of colour or even shape. It can be rather important to know what yours is, as it may need tweaking every now and then to give you the best possible results when out shopping, attending a special occasion with a specific dress code or even when purchasing something for a loved one who may or may not share the same style personality as yourself. There are 6 different style personalities in the Colour Me Beautiful system and the majority of people fall between 1 or 2 categories. It really is fascinating as it can tell you a lot about yourself and your daily choices around make-up routines, shopping habits and outfit co-ordination.

I’ll start with our Creatives, the ladies and gents who want to carve out their own individual sense of style. Looking like everyone else is really not high on their agenda. Instead they opt for a sometimes quirky and eccentric approach to dressing with no fears of trying new things or standing apart from the crowd. Celebrity examples would be Paloma Faith or Lady Gaga.

Next we have our Dramatics who like to be seen and who like to make a show stopping entrance. They are conditioned to follow trends and require a new outfit for every occasion that they attend. They do not shy away from colour and like to make a statement with their outfit choices or make-up styles. Think Katy Perry or Angelina Jolie.

Next up is our Romantics who crave detail and femininity, whether that be in material choices where texture is crucial or in the finer details of the outfit such as buttons, fringing, beading ,hair adornments or in jewellery. Everything oozes all things pretty so underwear is often very delicate and detailed and the wearer will persevere with it even if its uncomfortable!  Think Kylie or Katherine Jenkins.

We then have our Classics (like myself) who are creatures of habit when it comes to dressing. We shop in the same “safe” shops and buy simple yet elegant items that invariably match other items in our wardrobes. There is not a lot of risk involved in this category as we stick to the same tried and tested formula whether that be make-up application which may not have changed since we were teenagers or hair styles. Think Deborah Meaden or Hilary Clinton.

Our Naturals come next who have a no fuss approach to dressing. Comfort and practicality feature heavily in these wardrobe choices and they prefer an uncluttered look. Low maintenance is crucial for these individuals so a hair cut that styles itself, a low time investment make-up routine and flat shoes tend to be preferred. Think Julia Roberts and Kate Winslet.

Finally we explore our final category, City Chic. This is a far edgier version of the Classic. It has a more modern and European feel to it which oozes elegance but still has the ability to take a risk. Good tailoring is essential and investment pieces fill these wardrobes where items tend to cost more at ticket price as the buyer knows how to take full advantage of a timeless piece that will co-ordinate effortlessly. Think Halle Berry and Kate Middleton.

So now that I’ve got your all thinking about the style categories that you may fit in to, take some time to guess which style personality best fits your friends and loves ones, It can really help with present buying and with Christmas just around the corner this is my early gift to you!

To Stripe or not to Stripe?

To Stripe or not to Stripe?

From statement making patterns to a more subtle Breton stripe option, there’s a stripe for everyone. Find out below how to introduce the trend in to your wardrobe.

The Breton stripe was pioneered by Co Co Chanel and is a timeless classic that will feature from season to season time and time again. It is quite simply a wardrobe staple that will never go out of fashion. When advising clients on the best stripe, you need to begin by considering your scale. If you’re 5ft 8″ tall or over then opt for a bolder statement making stripe. Conversely, for anyone 5ft 3″ and below then choose something a little more delicate that won’t over power you. There really is a stripe to suit every body shape and here’s how.

A diagonal stripe is fabulous for any body shape and works on anyone and everyone to break up problem areas and to disguise any challenges.

For people with a bigger bottom half and narrower shoulders then opt for horizontal stripes across your top half to create the illusion of a bigger torso.

For people who are petite and who would like to maximize their height, then opt for a thin vertical stripe to elongate the silhouette.

For people who are straight up and down with no waist, horizontal stripes of varying width can look fabulous (be careful with a larger bust and choose more of a uniform stripe in this instance).

For clients who have a larger top half than bottom half then consider wearing your stripes down below in order to draw all the attention to your most celebrated features.

Women who carry additional weight around their mid-section benefit form vertical or diagonal stripes.

Curvaceous bodies can accentuate their curves with horizontal stripes which will add focus to their hips and bust.

All that’s left to do now is to get hunting for those perfect wardrobe essentials. Happy shopping folks.

Efficient Shopping!

Efficient Shopping!

If like me, shopping is a past time that feels more like a chore than a hobby, finding a way to shop both efficiently and effectively is key to inner calm and happiness. In order to make the most out of your purchases, it’s all about the planning.

Set aside an uninterrupted period of time that you can allow for the trip, factoring in travel time and coffee breaks if required. Keep distractions to a minimum so I would recommend leaving the children, husbands or pets behind if possible and that way you can make the very most out of the time frame you’ve allocated. If you’re not a keen shopper, Id recommend planning 2 trips a year to update your wardrobe with a few essential pieces from that season’s latest fashion trends or must have colour. That way you will still feel current but without a huge investment of time in order to achieve it.

​When planning a shopping trip, always set aside some time to do a mini wardrobe audit so that you can establish which key pieces are missing and what you’re looking for. There’s nothing worse than wandering around the shops aimlessly until something jumps out at you. Invariably this wont happen and this will have a knock on effect with regards to motivation levels for future trips. If you’re unsure about how to go about doing a wardrobe audit then why not consider booking a place on one of my very popular Capsule Wardrobe Workshops and learn all there is to know about how to create one for yourself.

​Itemise a maximum of 10 pieces for any one shopping trip and then give them a hierarchy of importance so you know how to plan your day, focusing on which bits are essential versus things that are less important.

​If you’ve had a style consultation in the past it’s always worth re familiarising yourself with your “rules” to establish the key things to look out for and more importantly what to avoid.  Set aside an hour or so to do some internet research and look at the top 5 clothing stores that you’ve historically done well in. Look at new and existing collections and save pictures of anything that catches your eye whilst fitting the brief. You can then form a plan for which shops you will be visiting on the trip and start to think about what you’ll be trying on.

When the day arrives, It’s all about practicalities. Have you got a comfy pair of shoes on that you can walk for miles in if needed? Can you slip off your outfit easily?  Can you get away with a lightweight jacket so that you don’t over heat going into warm shops whilst still being able to fit said jacket in your handbag to keep you hands free. All of these things matter because they will allow you to have a stress free trip.

Whilst on the trip it’s important to not go “off piste”, certainly with sales racks, as the adrenaline surge you may get from the feeling of “bagging” a bargain may not last that long, especially if it sits in your wardrobe with the price tag still attached never getting any airtime. I’m not adverse to a bargain, but if you are naturally drawn to the sales rail I always ask myself the question “Would I be willing to pay full price for this item?”. If the answer is “yes” then go ahead and enjoy the pleasure that comes with getting something for less!

Sticking to your plan where possible is hugely beneficial. I have now mastered the art of nailing shopping trips for myself to within 3 hours. That way, I get what I want without getting disillusioned, tired, frustrated or fed up!

​Happy shopping everyone.

​For anyone who would like to take the headache out of shopping then why not consider a personal shopping trip with myself, It’s fun, efficient and hugely effective!