This months blog is the third in my style series and looks at the challange of how to disguise the problem area of upper arm flab, or simply put, “bingo wings”. Bingo wings are the name given to those jiggly areas of fat and extra skin under the arm that we all develop as we age. Funny name, not so funny problem, but there are plenty of fashion tricks that you can use to hide them so lets take a closer look at what can be done.

Avoid cap sleeves as these finish at the widest part of your arm which causes the arm to look heavier. Instead, consider a more flattering alternative such as an elbow length sleeve or even a bracelet length sleeve. Avoid adding more volume to this area with a puffed sleeve as this can result in even more attention drawn to the problem that you’re trying to disguise. If you are choosing sleeveless options in tops and dresses then cut aways, exposing the shoulder area is the most flattering option to elongate your arms and to create a sleeker appearance overall.

Off the shoulder and cold shoulder styles that expose your shoulders but still have sleeves to disguise any under arm heaviness are great options. Clothes that have the option of exposing the shoulder on just one side can also be hugely falttering as it cretaes a diagonal line that helps to create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Be cautious when choosing short sleeve options as you need to ensure there is plenty of “give” in the fabric. Avoid elastic or tight knits as these will only accentuate your wider areas. Think flowing and forgiving fabric options instead.

Use striking jewellery, an over sized bow, or choose an alluring neckline to move the focus away from the upper arms and draw the line of sight elsewhere. Add oversized bracelets to the wrist as this is the slimmest part of the arm and again a great distraction to draw the eye away from the upper arms. Finally there are many accessories out there on the market that can be teammed with a top or a dress to accomondate a heavier upper arm. My favourite when researching this blog are the arm tights range by Spanx providing an instant confidence boost. These “tights for your triceps” come in the form of a soft silky cropped top with hoisery style sleeves that flatter the upper arm. Designed to be worn under sleeveless dresses they come in a range of colours and can even be used to extend your summer clothes in to your autumn and winter collections by adding another layer of warmth to your pre existing wardrobes.

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