Small chest? Couldn’t care less!

Small chest? Couldn’t care less!

Every woman’s body is different and every woman’s body is equally beautiful. Whether you have small or large breasts, there is another woman out there who wishes her body looked a bit more like yours. We should spend less time comparing our bodies with others and more time gaining a healthy opinion of what we’ve been given, exactly the way we are. However, for the small breasted ladies out there, there are times when inevitably you’ll wish your boobs looked a little fuller, so if you don’t sport a double D chest, here are some clever hacks for you to try should you wish.

The right bra or item of clothing can make a world of difference when it comes to making small breasts appear bigger. A push up bra such as Victoria’s Secret “Bombshell Bra” (as featured in the before and after picture used on todays blog) or their “Perfect Shape Bra” can work wonders by repostioning your breast tissue towards the centre, thereby making a more defined cleavage line. Also available are padded sports bras and padded swimwear for a fuller shape when working out.

A simple way to make your boobs appear bigger is to add more detail above your waist and across your chest. Patterns, pockets, beading, ruffles or textured designs can work wonders in enhancing your chest to make it appear fuller.

Posture can massively affect the appearance of chest size. Many women have a habit of slouching their shoulders forwards and this can create a hollowing effect that can cause your boobs to look smaller than they actually are. Standing tall with a good posture can help to accentuate your chest.

Opt for higher necklines with a bulkier or heavier weight fabric to again add some natural padding to the area. Thinking of extra padding, you could consider the use of a chicken fillet bra filler to enhance the shape of your chest. Don’t be afraid to add an accessory to your outfit. Long necklaces with beads and interest add detail to your chest area, thereby making it appear bigger.

A simple safety pin used to clip the straps of your bra together at the back will automatically pull your boobs together and create more of a natural cleavage.

Finally, why not try a highlighter dusted over your cleavage, or perhaps a little glitter spray. Again giving some iridescent shimmer to your cleavge can have the same desired effect of making your boobs appear a little bigger.



With the average bra size in the UK rising to a 36D when compared to our European neighbours tuning in at a 34C, we need to not only cater for a larger bust on the high street but also be well informed enough so that we can dress them confidently and with finesse. Finding the perfect bra is the main priority whilst dressing a fuller bust. You may need to spend more in order to get the right fit and support, but it is vital when putting together any outfit for a larger chest. Rigby and Peller continue to be the leading industry experts on finding the perfect fit. With many stores located in and around London, you’ll be delighted to know that they now have a store up North situated in Harrogate. Bravissimo also provides a fantastic service for anyone needing help to accommodate a fuller chest, whether it be underwear, swimwear or indeed clothing lines that you require. If using a department store measuring service, look out for brands with a good reputation in catering for a larger cup size. Consider Empriente, Fantasie, Panache, Pour Moi, Boux Avenue, Third Love, Chantelle or Wacoal. Whilst on the subject of bra shopping, you could also consider a minimising bra for those occasions where less is more.

It’s often tempting to cover up or hide your assets in baggy style tops and dresses that simply “hang” from your boobs. This often has the affect of making your belly look bigger than it is, so instead try to accentuate them by choosing flattering or draped and non restrictive cuts and fabrics. The ideal materials will be stretchy while also providing support and structure. Stretch cotton or garbardine are both fantastic. Materials to approach with caution would be shiny or metallics, ribbed knits, stiff fabrics and slinky jersey as these will all have the effect of drawing even more attention to your breasts.

Keep the detailing in your outfits to below the belly button. avoid frills, ruffles, ruched fabrics and breast pockets. Instead opt for clean lines in a darker neutral from your palette in a solid block of colour. By teaming it with separates of the same colour, you can produce a cohesive look without the dress sizing issues that so often limit your shopping experiences. Selecting the right sleeves that won’t draw attention to your chest is essential. Focus on tops with long sleeves that flare below the elbow. Avoid spaghetti straps and opt for something with a wider strap to balance the shoulders and chest. If you’re looking for a classic shirt you have two options. The first is to up size to accommodate your chest and then have a tailor at the ready who can re-size it around the neckline, armholes and lower torso. The second is to buy your actual size and wear it open over the chest with a darker neutral slimline camisole underneath it.

When selecting accessories, choose a medium length necklace that hangs around your sternum and creates attention at your collarbone. Necklaces that are too long will often hang off your bust instead of lying flat, while chockers can draw the eyes up and make your breasts appear even larger.

If choosing trousers or skirts then balancing out a fuller top half with an a-line, bootcut, or a wide legged trouser can have a really positive effect. Skinny jeans aren’t always the best option as they can often make your top half appear bigger.

Why not add a bit of interest and finish off your oufit with a blazer or jacket. Be cautious with double breasted options as they can often add weight to your upper half. Go for narrow lapels, or even ditch them altogether and opt for a much simpler style and shape. Leave your jacket open, that way you can down size and cleverly create the appearance of a smaller silhouette.

Finally, it’s not easy to live with a feauture that draws unwanted attention from the general population all day every day. I should know with the height that I carry, however with age and a little maturity I have realised that the sooner your learn to embrace your body image and celebrate all that you have is the quickest way to reach acceptance and contentment. If you feel you are personally struggling with an area of your body and would like advice on how to diguise it successfully then please do message me and I can help.

Style Hacks – How to disguise your belly of jelly?

Style Hacks – How to disguise your belly of jelly?

So this month see’s the launch of my brand new “style hacks” series where I’ll be targeting various body hang ups and giving you some simple styling solutions to ease your anxieties and to create a more flattering self image. Many of my clients worry about their belly area, despite the fact that according to research, men actually like a small female belly as they find it more natural than perhaps what we are all aspiring for in the Holy Grail of all body desires, the Jessica Ennis-Hill abs of perfection. However, if this research is not enough to convince you and you’re still looking for quick and simple ways to hide your belly under your clothes then be smart about it, otherwise there’s a chance you could make it appear even bigger!

Wearing a single colour from head to toe can really elongate your silhouette and in turn this can be extremely flattering over a larger tum. Black doesn’t necessarily make you look slimmer, it will only work if it’s a colour in your palette. There are many other colours that can create the same effect, think navy, brown, pine, purple or even charcoal.

Look at your assets objectively and then accentuate these areas when you’re selecting outfits. That way, you’ll switch attention from your belly and redirect the eye to a fabulous shoulder line, a great pair of boobs, a neat bottom or even a great pair of legs. If you’re lucky enough to have more than one asset then try to highlight all of these areas in the clothing styles that you choose.

Loose tops, T-shirts and tunics are a great way of disguising what lies beneath, be warned though, if you oversize too drastically, it can actually make your whole body look bigger. Try low level layering underneath your tops by choosing a thin camisole one or two sizes smaller than you would normally wear to give you that toned silhouette.

Elongate your torso by choosing an open jacket or a long line cardigan which will create a vertical line that will lengthen and straighten your body. If an open jacket appeals to you then why not try one in a size smaller than you would ordinarily wear, as this will give the overall appearance of a smaller silhouette. By choosing dresses and skirts that are a little longer than knee length you can also elongate your frame and lengthen your body outline. When choosing dresses, have a go with a trapezoidal or gentle A line shape which widens towards the waist and legs, be careful if you’re petite as it will need to be tailored to your size and scale to avoid swallowing you up.

When choosing tops, try longer options that don’t finish on the widest part of your tummy. Avoid clingy fabrics that will just accentuate your rolls. Ensure that they end an inch or two below your widest area. Avoid tucking tops in to your waist band as this breaks the outfit at your widest point and can be rather unforgiving. Should you want to carry off a more tucked in look then blouson the top over the waistband which will be far more flattering.

Low rise jeans and trousers should be avoided, instead try mid to high rise options so that the belly can be contained! Avoid detailing around the waist area in the form of stitching, buckles or belts as these will just draw attention to that area.

Finally, accessories can be a great adjunct to any outfit and can draw all the attention to the right place. A longer line necklace again will have the effect of elongating your torso and will in turn diminish the appearance of a larger tum.

For anyone wishing to know more about the services I offer, simply visit my website at

Super Hero Teal and his Super Hero Universal Colour Friends.

Super Hero Teal and his Super Hero Universal Colour Friends.

Did you know that everyone can wear every colour? It’s true, although as colour consultants we do have to iron out a few important details all around the depth, clarity and tone of the colour whilst relating it to your dominant category.

There are some shades of colour within the colour spectrum that we refer to as universal colours. This means that they are suitable for all of our 6 dominants.

So what is a universal colour? It’s one of medium depth, that is half way between a pastel and black. It’s neutral in undertone, so neither warm or cool, and it’s clarity is also neutral, in other words it’s neither clear or soft.

Although the universal colours are suitable for everyone, each dominant will be advised on how to get the very best out of those colours within the guidelines of their individual palette, to ensure the best results when dressing for their colour type.

So what are the universal colours and how can you get the best out of these shades for your wardrobe? Well, the 12 universal colours are ideal for investment pieces as although you spend more on them at ticket price, they get the most amount of airtime from season to season.

Soft white is an elegant choice for blouses, camisoles or even trousers (depending on your body shape) for Spring/Summer.

Stone, taupe and pewter make great accessory colours for shoes, handbags and belts as they will go with everything in your wardrobe to give you that polished and co-ordinated look.

Turquoise, emerald and teal make great investment buys for casual wear alongside holiday wear as they never date and go with all the neutral shades in your palette.

Periwinkle and purple can feature in both your Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections as they make great shades all year round.

Blush pink can add an air of femininity to any outfit, whilst mint can lift one of your darker neutrals.

Finally, true red can work well as an accessory colour as many of us shy away from wearing it head to toe.

With universal colours in mind this Autumn, I have 3 bespoke scarves in the Colour Me Beautiful range which are universal in colour so if you’d like to pop an instant winning colour to your Autumn/Winter scarf collection you have the choice of purple, teal or true red to pick from, simply contact me for more details. Alternatively, if you’d like to find out more about which colours suit you the very best, with Christmas fast approaching a gift voucher from styled In Colour compliments any wardrobe. Find out more at

Made To Measure

Made To Measure

Hitting 40 this year was a big milestone for me and having never owned anything bespoke, I didn’t realise what I had been missing. My husband Dave, knowing me better than I know myself after 19 years together had hatched a plan to get me my very own hand designed and hand crafted onesie. This was particularly meaningful to me as I spend vast quantities of time in my pyjama’s and often have to settle for men’s as the leg length is rarely adequate. After a little research, Dave booked me in with the fabulous All-In-One Company to enjoy a day creating my very own bespoke onesie, and what a day it was!

Kate Dawson, the founder of The All-In-One Company was there to greet us both on the morning of my onesie making experience. Kate started the company 14 years ago whilst solving the problem that many of us parents suffer from, sleep deprivation! She needed something for her then, 3 year old daughter to keep her warm and secure. What Kate was looking for, was not available on the high street at that time, a onesie, but not just any onesie, a garment instead where the size, features, fabric, design and colour was totally unique and personal to you.

The day started with me getting to know all the fabric options so that Kate could sign post me to the designs and colours that were available in the fabrics I preferred. This then led to my most favourite part of the entire day, which was focused all around colour. With so much choice, it was very handy using my personalised Colour Me Beautiful palette to decide upon my best shades, as even in sleepwear we want to look our very best right?

Then came the design element, which was just as fascinating. I got to design every detail from the cuff length, colour and thumb hole option, to the hood style, to pockets and then to the zip and thread options. Here using a 3-D computer programme, the onesie really started to take shape. Next was the measuring to ensure that the patterns used for cutting out the fabric were all the right size, this meant that I could have a girls onesie (for anyone not overly tall, I can’t tell you how refreshing this is when I spent all of my informative and impressionable years in men’s footwear and clothing). The women working in the company are all part of The Guild of Master Craftsmen and have worked in the industry for all of their working lives. Their skill, expertise, professionalism and knowledge was very humbling to observe. At The All-In-One Company, they are committed to keeping these skills alive thereby creating apprenticeships so that the knowledge and expertise can be passed down to the next generation.

Once the onesie hit the sewing room, I was astonished at the pace these ladies created my design! Working on state of the art machines, each person had a specific role to carry out and it was amazing to see it all come together. Trying on my creation for the very first time was so exciting and exhilarating and for once in my life, everything was where it was meant to be!

Not only does this company offer a fantastic personalised service to each and everyone of its customers, Kate is also heavily involved in the community whilst supporting many ventures. All of the onesies that have been used for the photoshoots are donated to baby banks and refuse centres with an aim of bringing warmth, fun and happiness to everyone who wears one. The end of roll fleeces are made in to random sized blankets that are given out to charities such as “Making Winter Warmer for those Without”. Their offcuts are donated to charities, schools and collages for fund raising activities. Kate also offers a TLC service whereby the onesie’s can be fixed if slightly worn to avoid unnecessary waste and not to add to landfill.

Finally, The All-In-One Company is linked with The National Autistic Society whereby 5% of every sensory onesie sale gets donated to them. After lots of research with families who are affected by the sensory symptoms of Autism, the company now produce sensory onesie’s tailored to the exact needs of the individual with special care taken around the inside seams not being detectable by touch and even the omission of care labels which can cause irritation to a sensory wearer.

All in all, I had the most wonderful experience and would highly recommend Kate and her fabulous company if onesies are your thing! The homemade brownies were an extra bonus too, whilst we waited for the onesie to be quality checked! In the words of Arnie, “I will be back!”

It’s back to basics for all you naturals!

It’s back to basics for all you naturals!

In the 5th installment of my monthly style personality series, it’s time to focus on the naturals amongst us. Feeling comfortable in your clothes is the most important factor for you when choosing what to wear, anything that digs in, constricts or pinches is simply not an option. You have a very relaxed attitude to life in general and in keeping with your no fuss attitude, clothes must be easy-care and ideally non iron. If you are ever forced in to a formal environment where a formal wardrobe is required, your jackets or wraps spend most of the time hanging on the back of your chair! An uncluttered look with simple clean lines are your most preferred options. You out of all six style personalities, struggle the most with formal business wear.

Your make-up is minimal, so all in one products like our face creams containing an SPF or our tinted moisturisers are perfect for you. Good haircuts are essential, as you don’t like to spend vast amounts of time tending to your locks. A great cut can allow your hair to dry naturally with little to no styling. You have many interests but pouring over fashion magazines is definitely not one of them. Your wardrobes appear disorganised and you will often just wear whatever is to hand that morning. Trousers worn with flat shoes are your go to staple for maximum comfort and practicality, alongside minimal jewellery (if any at all) that wont jangle about and make unnecessary noise.

A word of wisdom for all you naturals out there, your look can occasionally appear a little care worn or dishevelled. To avoid this, book yourself in for regular “maintenance” work on your tresses, hang your clothes up at the end of each day and make sure that your footwear is well maintained.

Think Jude Law, Emily Blunt, Jamie Oliver and Kate Winslet.