So this month see’s the launch of my brand new “style hacks” series where I’ll be targeting various body hang ups and giving you some simple styling solutions to ease your anxieties and to create a more flattering self image. Many of my clients worry about their belly area, despite the fact that according to research, men actually like a small female belly as they find it more natural than perhaps what we are all aspiring for in the Holy Grail of all body desires, the Jessica Ennis-Hill abs of perfection. However, if this research is not enough to convince you and you’re still looking for quick and simple ways to hide your belly under your clothes then be smart about it, otherwise there’s a chance you could make it appear even bigger!

Wearing a single colour from head to toe can really elongate your silhouette and in turn this can be extremely flattering over a larger tum. Black doesn’t necessarily make you look slimmer, it will only work if it’s a colour in your palette. There are many other colours that can create the same effect, think navy, brown, pine, purple or even charcoal.

Look at your assets objectively and then accentuate these areas when you’re selecting outfits. That way, you’ll switch attention from your belly and redirect the eye to a fabulous shoulder line, a great pair of boobs, a neat bottom or even a great pair of legs. If you’re lucky enough to have more than one asset then try to highlight all of these areas in the clothing styles that you choose.

Loose tops, T-shirts and tunics are a great way of disguising what lies beneath, be warned though, if you oversize too drastically, it can actually make your whole body look bigger. Try low level layering underneath your tops by choosing a thin camisole one or two sizes smaller than you would normally wear to give you that toned silhouette.

Elongate your torso by choosing an open jacket or a long line cardigan which will create a vertical line that will lengthen and straighten your body. If an open jacket appeals to you then why not try one in a size smaller than you would ordinarily wear, as this will give the overall appearance of a smaller silhouette. By choosing dresses and skirts that are a little longer than knee length you can also elongate your frame and lengthen your body outline. When choosing dresses, have a go with a trapezoidal or gentle A line shape which widens towards the waist and legs, be careful if you’re petite as it will need to be tailored to your size and scale to avoid swallowing you up.

When choosing tops, try longer options that don’t finish on the widest part of your tummy. Avoid clingy fabrics that will just accentuate your rolls. Ensure that they end an inch or two below your widest area. Avoid tucking tops in to your waist band as this breaks the outfit at your widest point and can be rather unforgiving. Should you want to carry off a more tucked in look then blouson the top over the waistband which will be far more flattering.

Low rise jeans and trousers should be avoided, instead try mid to high rise options so that the belly can be contained! Avoid detailing around the waist area in the form of stitching, buckles or belts as these will just draw attention to that area.

Finally, accessories can be a great adjunct to any outfit and can draw all the attention to the right place. A longer line necklace again will have the effect of elongating your torso and will in turn diminish the appearance of a larger tum.

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