Installment One of the Style Personality Tour.

Installment One of the Style Personality Tour.

Lots of my customers have never heard about style personality before and yet it governs a major part in the decisions that we make in relation to hairstyles, clothing styles, footwear and even the cars we drive, the homes we live in, or the holidays we enjoy. I have therefore set myself the task of covering all six style personalities in my blog over the next six months. That way you can start to piece together the two or three categories that you align yourself too.

So what is “style personality”? In an nut shell, it’s your first buying decision so it’s the subconscious pull that you get when you first walk in to a shop. Naturally, the colour and styling of your clothes play an important part in your appearance, but it is your personality above all else that acts as a catalyst to pull your whole look together. Your personality dictates your style, which is your own interpretation of fashion, ignore it and buy clothes simply because they feature in all the glossy magazines or look great on a friend and you will not look comfortable, nor will your wardrobe be very user friendly, instead it will be a muddle of styles which will only add to your confusion.

So lets kick off our tour of the six style personalities with our creatives, our trend setters rather than a trend follower. Shopping to these men and women is an art form. If you fall in to this category you will be great at combining different items of clothing and accessories to give yourself a unique and interesting look. You rarely throw anything out because you know you will use it again at some point, even if it has to be remodelled. You prefer public transport to any other methods of getting from A – B. Your wardrobe is full of items from many different sources be it vintage, hand me downs, one off boutiques, E-bay purchases or charity shops, with the occasional high-street gem thrown in for good measure. You may feel challenged in a very formal business environment but with careful modification your creative urges can still be fulfilled with one-off pieces of jewellery, a statement tie or an eclectic jacket. You will often make interesting purchases whilst away in unique holiday destinations far off the beaten track.

My one area of advise to all those creatives out there is to be careful that your passion for being an individual does not result in you being inappropriately dressed for certain occasions.

Celebrity examples would include, Sir Elton John, Paloma Faith, David Bowie or Nicki Minaj.