To Stripe or not to Stripe?

To Stripe or not to Stripe?

From statement making patterns to a more subtle Breton stripe option, there’s a stripe for everyone. Find out below how to introduce the trend in to your wardrobe.

The Breton stripe was pioneered by Co Co Chanel and is a timeless classic that will feature from season to season time and time again. It is quite simply a wardrobe staple that will never go out of fashion. When advising clients on the best stripe, you need to begin by considering your scale. If you’re 5ft 8″ tall or over then opt for a bolder statement making stripe. Conversely, for anyone 5ft 3″ and below then choose something a little more delicate that won’t over power you. There really is a stripe to suit every body shape and here’s how.

A diagonal stripe is fabulous for any body shape and works on anyone and everyone to break up problem areas and to disguise any challenges.

For people with a bigger bottom half and narrower shoulders then opt for horizontal stripes across your top half to create the illusion of a bigger torso.

For people who are petite and who would like to maximize their height, then opt for a thin vertical stripe to elongate the silhouette.

For people who are straight up and down with no waist, horizontal stripes of varying width can look fabulous (be careful with a larger bust and choose more of a uniform stripe in this instance).

For clients who have a larger top half than bottom half then consider wearing your stripes down below in order to draw all the attention to your most celebrated features.

Women who carry additional weight around their mid-section benefit form vertical or diagonal stripes.

Curvaceous bodies can accentuate their curves with horizontal stripes which will add focus to their hips and bust.

All that’s left to do now is to get hunting for those perfect wardrobe essentials. Happy shopping folks.