With the average bra size in the UK rising to a 36D when compared to our European neighbours tuning in at a 34C, we need to not only cater for a larger bust on the high street but also be well informed enough so that we can dress them confidently and with finesse. Finding the perfect bra is the main priority whilst dressing a fuller bust. You may need to spend more in order to get the right fit and support, but it is vital when putting together any outfit for a larger chest. Rigby and Peller continue to be the leading industry experts on finding the perfect fit. With many stores located in and around London, you’ll be delighted to know that they now have a store up North situated in Harrogate. Bravissimo also provides a fantastic service for anyone needing help to accommodate a fuller chest, whether it be underwear, swimwear or indeed clothing lines that you require. If using a department store measuring service, look out for brands with a good reputation in catering for a larger cup size. Consider Empriente, Fantasie, Panache, Pour Moi, Boux Avenue, Third Love, Chantelle or Wacoal. Whilst on the subject of bra shopping, you could also consider a minimising bra for those occasions where less is more.

It’s often tempting to cover up or hide your assets in baggy style tops and dresses that simply “hang” from your boobs. This often has the affect of making your belly look bigger than it is, so instead try to accentuate them by choosing flattering or draped and non restrictive cuts and fabrics. The ideal materials will be stretchy while also providing support and structure. Stretch cotton or garbardine are both fantastic. Materials to approach with caution would be shiny or metallics, ribbed knits, stiff fabrics and slinky jersey as these will all have the effect of drawing even more attention to your breasts.

Keep the detailing in your outfits to below the belly button. avoid frills, ruffles, ruched fabrics and breast pockets. Instead opt for clean lines in a darker neutral from your palette in a solid block of colour. By teaming it with separates of the same colour, you can produce a cohesive look without the dress sizing issues that so often limit your shopping experiences. Selecting the right sleeves that won’t draw attention to your chest is essential. Focus on tops with long sleeves that flare below the elbow. Avoid spaghetti straps and opt for something with a wider strap to balance the shoulders and chest. If you’re looking for a classic shirt you have two options. The first is to up size to accommodate your chest and then have a tailor at the ready who can re-size it around the neckline, armholes and lower torso. The second is to buy your actual size and wear it open over the chest with a darker neutral slimline camisole underneath it.

When selecting accessories, choose a medium length necklace that hangs around your sternum and creates attention at your collarbone. Necklaces that are too long will often hang off your bust instead of lying flat, while chockers can draw the eyes up and make your breasts appear even larger.

If choosing trousers or skirts then balancing out a fuller top half with an a-line, bootcut, or a wide legged trouser can have a really positive effect. Skinny jeans aren’t always the best option as they can often make your top half appear bigger.

Why not add a bit of interest and finish off your oufit with a blazer or jacket. Be cautious with double breasted options as they can often add weight to your upper half. Go for narrow lapels, or even ditch them altogether and opt for a much simpler style and shape. Leave your jacket open, that way you can down size and cleverly create the appearance of a smaller silhouette.

Finally, it’s not easy to live with a feauture that draws unwanted attention from the general population all day every day. I should know with the height that I carry, however with age and a little maturity I have realised that the sooner your learn to embrace your body image and celebrate all that you have is the quickest way to reach acceptance and contentment. If you feel you are personally struggling with an area of your body and would like advice on how to diguise it successfully then please do message me and I can help.