It’s the turn of the Romantics

It’s the turn of the Romantics

My third installment in the style personality series highlights everything about our Romantic family, friends and colleagues. Remember your style personality dictates your individual style which is your own interpretation of fashion and how you wear clothes. The clothes that you choose and how you wear them are governed by many factors including culture, lifestyle, age, build, environment, budget and personal preference. The way that you project yourself maybe influenced by your upbringing, the way you wish others to see you or simply how you see yourself. Knowing your style personality will give you the starting blocks on which to project yourself in a more organised way and to feel more confident in your choices no matter the occasion.

As a Romantic, you have a sense of security in your look and you’re not afraid to make others aware of your interest in looking after yourself. You love everything about dressing up and planning your wardrobe. The female Romantics love everything pretty with all manner of details from bows, to ruffles, to fringing, whilst the male Romantics enjoy the luxury fabrics like cashmere, velvet, tweed and washable silk. Your clothes are well maintained and are hung up at the end of every day. You take pride in your appearance and are not afraid to invest a little money and time in to self grooming with a tendency to want to experiment with new skincare and body care products.

You tend to have a regular exercise regime to keep yourself fit and healthy and your gym wear will follow your style rules and will be colourful or adorned with decorative details. You like luxurious and comfortable modes of transport and you care about the environment you occupy whether that’s at home or at work.

A word of wisdom for all you Romantics out there, you spend longer than anybody else looking after yourself and grooming so if you’re in a relationship with a natural this may cause a little friction unless you’re wiling to make a few concessions!

Think Sting, Kylie Minogue, Donald Trump or Penelope Cruz.