The 4th installment in this series relating to the six different style personalities is centered around our classics. Remember, you wont necessarily fall neatly in to just one category, generally speaking there will be aspects of 2 or 3 style personalities that resonate with you, with some characteristics rearing their heads at transitional moments in your life, be it a change of career, post children or following on from a significant life event. Our style personality is that driving force that narrows down your buying decision and that pulls you to certain items or certain looks that you see on the high-street, on the catwalk or even on your friends.

The classics are all about tradition. Your wardrobes are neat and tidy and your look is well co-ordinated. Our classics are not life’s risk takers, once they find something that works they stick to it so they could still be driving the same model of car that they fell in love with at the age of 21! Whether it’s your desk, your kitchen or your garden shed, you keep it organised. You shop only when necessary and it tends to be in stores that you know. Your wardrobe is fairly formal with even your casual clothes displaying an air of tradition.

Your look is timeless and neat with an air of elegance about it. You tend to stick to the same hairstyles year on year and hate nothing more than your hairdresser moving away! Your make-up routines are fairly fixed and dare I say, a little unadventurous. Co-ordinated separates form the basis of all your looks. When putting an outfit together you love nothing more than matching accessories, along side shoes, handbags and even belts. You plan your outfits in advance so will always look appropriately dressed for any occasion. You do not follow fashion and the very idea of mixing textures or wearing daring colour combinations can cause your pulse to race for all the wrong reasons!

A word of wisdom for all you classics out there, taking risks is not something that features high on your agenda and therefore you can occasionally look a little dated. Try and modernise it by adding a splash of colour or a statement accessory to give your outfits an instant boost.

Think Barack Obama, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Bill Clinton and Mary Berry.